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The Mission


to introduce and teach Aligned Vinyasa yoga to our community,

on an individual level, to create space in the body for breath,

to teach people to modify the yoga practice to serve their bodies and needs,

to foster a yoga community in the greater Danbury area and

to serve our community through charity.

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Align (verb) - 1) put (things) into appropriate relative positions, 2) come together in agreement or alliance.

Vinyasa (noun) - the union of breath and movement as we progress from one position to another.

Our yoga is a blend of styles, hence the compound name Aligned Vinyasa. Just like when hydrogen and oxygen get together to form water, alignment-based yoga and breath-centered yoga get together to form Aligned Vinyasa. This style is based on movement and form. About half our class time is spent moving along with the breath and half learning alignment. Alignment creates space in the body. In this space, natural breath can enter.


FOUNDATION We start at the Basics level with foundation poses (asanas), gentle movement connected to breath and philosophy. Through each class level, the asanas build and your practice builds.

SUN SALUTATIONS From Level 1 on up, we learn and practice Sun Salutations - they are the hallmark of a vinyasa practice, they allow us to move on the breath and they build heat to warm us up for more demanding asana.

COMPREHENSION We deconstruct and construct asanas to understand them and our bodies’ capabilities.

MAKING IT YOURS We want you to modify the practice to serve your body. We use props to make poses more accessible, to learn poses, to support the body, and to challenge the body.

PHILOSOPHY We honor the heritage and culture of yoga with discussion of yoga philosophy.

UNIFORM CLASSES When you attend class, you know what you’re getting into because our classes are set up by level and the poses for each level are uniform among all teachers.


YOU Our staff wants to get to know you, our students. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi, we'll be with you every step of the way. We make a big point of knowing everyone’s names.

STUDENT ADVISERS You are greeted by a student adviser who is there to show you around, answer a question or shoot the breeze.

TEACHERS Our teachers are as friendly and knowledgeable as they come. A group of individuals all different in their backgrounds and experiences, but all the same when it comes to their students - you matter and your practice matters.


We play pop/rock/folk/classical music in all our classes to make you feel at home and to bring cohesiveness to the class environment. We also offer 'Rock It, Man', a weekly Level 2 class that pays homage to a musician or band.


ALIGNED VINYASA CLASSES - LOTS OF ‘EM We have two stellar studios, the Little Studio and the Big Studio. We hold 33 yoga classes a week so you can fit yoga into your busy life. We delineate our classes by level and we spread the levels out through the week so you can attend classes on a regular or daily basis. We encourage you to take two levels at once, the one you feel comfortable in and the one that challenges you a little bit more. This gives you a balanced practice.

RESTORATIVE CLASSES The yin to our yang, restorative yoga is a necessary part of a yoga practice. In it, you’ll rest in fully supported asanas, refreshing and restoring the body, mind, breath and spirit.

WORKSHOPS We hold Workshops to offer you opportunities to delve deeper into learning various aspects of the yoga practice - arm balances, backbends, meditation, philosophy...the list goes on.

PRIVATE LESSONS We offer Private Lessons to give you personal attention, customize and grow your practice or modify for special conditions or injuries.

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS Bringing individual attention to you at a low price point, we hold Semi-Private Lessons on subjects like hips, knees, shoulders, the immune system, mind-body connection, etc.

TEACHER TRAINING We hold Teacher Training for students who want to learn to teach or deepen their practice.

INTENSIVE STUDY We hold Intensive Study for those who want to go deeper in their yoga practice, but not as deep as Teacher Training.

PRENATAL We offer Prenatal Yoga to give mamas tools to enhance and ease the process of pregnancy.