Teacher Training Application

Please copy and paste these questions into an email. Once complete, please send to: Info@WeAreYogaCulture.com




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1. Why do you want to take this training?

2. How has yoga affected your life?

3. What do you hope to receive from this training?

4. Are you currently teaching yoga? Do you plan to teach?

5. Describe your current yoga practice.

  • How long have you practiced yoga?
  • How often do you practice?
  • What style(s) have you practiced?
  • Where have you practiced?
  • Describe anything else you think is important.

6. Describe your home practice (if none, write 'none').

7. What is your professional background?

8. Do you have any physical limitations?

9. What is the general state of your health?

10. Are you under medical treatment or taking medications? If yes, please explain.

11. Please attach a photo (simple headshot so we can identify you).