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Student Advisors

Katerina, Sage and Aviva are here to help you begin and advance through your yoga practice. Please don't hesitate to contact them with any questions about the studio, your classes and your yoga. They can be reached at: advisor@weareyogaculture.com


Katerina Cuneo

Katerina is currently a full time student earning a BA in Relational Communications from Western Connecticut State University. With the stress that stems from a full course load, she found the classes and community at Yoga Culture to be a soothing and beneficial outlet. Yoga is a regular part of her weekly routine and she feels happier and healthier for it. She cannot wait to help you feel the same way! In her spare time, Katerina enjoys hiking, reading, and photography. While these helped her feel better either physically or emotionally, it wasn’t until taking yoga classes that she found an activity that was the perfect blend of both worlds. She is excited to help you find your way within the Yoga Culture community!


Sage Fresilli-Murphy

Yoga has always been around Sage as an option, she knew about it, she thought about it but hadn't ever started until this year. Sage has been practicing for almost a year now and not to sound cliche but it's changed her life. She started to make yoga a priority and by doing that, she made herself a priority and started doing things that only made her happy. Sage feels grateful to be here to grow her own practice while helping others find theirs.


Aviva Salpeter

Aviva started yoga in 2014 and instantly found that she had more balance and focus in every aspect of her life. She has a bachelors degree in wildlife science, and yoga has continued her love for learning about anatomy and how the body works. Summer of 2017, she completed our 200 hour teacher training program and she hopes to one day create a career in teaching yoga!