Yun-Kyung Kim

Yun–Kyung’s interest for yoga started from her quest in the study of the mind, which she believes to be the main source for everything that occurs in human action. In order to learn further, she came to the US from Korea to study music therapy and completed her MA.Yun-Kyung currently works as a music therapist and a teacher in a Montessori school setting. Her knowledge of the mind and its relationship with the body expands through her acts of practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis. She loves not only to be in motion, but also to be in stillness.Yun-Kyung has realized that, just as there is stillness within dynamic movements, as in balancing and holding certain poses, there is a certain stillness within every day life. This stillness can be identified as peace or as liberation. Through her daily discipline, Yun-Kyung continuously seeks this liberation.