Kristine Habersang

While Kristine first sought out yoga solely for fitness purposes, she quickly realized the body, mind and spirit connection resulted in more than just an improvement in her physical flexibility and strength. Initially a reluctant yogi herself, Kristine’s goal is to impress upon her students that there is a place in yoga for everyone, and that everyone can find a place for yoga in their lives if they wish to. While people seek out yoga for many different reasons, Kristine hopes to guide students along the yogic path that best suits their individual needs. Kristine has been grateful for the wonderful experiences that her many yoga instructors have provided for her, and wants to do the same for her students. Kristine completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2014 at Yoga Culture in Danbury, Connecticut. Outside of yoga, Kristine enjoys gardening, cooking, traveling, reading, mountain biking and any outdoor activity.