Debbie Neuhaus

Debbie’s journey to yoga began 6 years ago when she received a gift certificate to Yoga Culture as a present from her daughter. She had never done yoga before, so she was both curious and apprehensive about her first yoga class. She attended a Basics class and then and there she knew her path was set, and she never looked back. Not only have the yoga asanas improved the flexibility and capability of her body, but also the people she has met, from the teachers to the students, have enriched her life. Their compassionate, non-judgmental actions have created a warm accepting environment in which to practice. Debbie has been a Computer Engineer, Math Teacher, Wife, and Mother for most of her life, so yoga is truly a new journey for her. It is a turning in to explore who she is and a turning out to enrich others. She received her 200-hour certification under the wonderful tutelage of Jenny Schuck and Allison Ray Jeraci at Yoga Culture in 2018 and now she hopes to enrich others in the same way she was enriched. She has found her mind, body, soul connection through yoga. She hopes that everyone’s yoga experience with her is a positive one and they leave a little happier than before they came.