Roni E.

I want to start by thanking you for zooming classes from the bottom of my heart. Yoga has continued to be a mainstay in my daily life because of zoom. At first, it was “odd” to say the least but we do adapt even if slowly. I have grown to enjoy my space for yoga in the house and have learned to listen much better to what my body is asking for and needs (yay). As for the’s nice to chat in the beginning before class starts (something from the past brought into our strange present). The teachers have also adapted by increasing the number of cues and More clearly articulating each pose which I have personally found very helpful so I do not have to focus on the “small” iPad screen. It’s also helped me to focus more inwardly. Practicing in the privacy of my home has given me “permission” to adapt more readily And modify to my needs.

I also must admit it’s nice to “roll out if bed” at your fingertips!!