Humble Brags

We think we do alright. But don't take our word for it. See what our yogis have to say...

Michael D.

I’m in a high-risk group for Covid-19, over 65 and immune-suppressed so I wouldn’t be comfortable attending class at the studio even if they were offered. Being able to practice VIA Zoom has allowed me to up my practice to every day and the number of classes offered is great. I especially like getting into the Zoom Room a bit before class starts to connect with the teacher and fellow yogis in the room. Zoom yoga has allowed me to continue and grow my practice and maintain my connection with the studio and my fellow yogis.

Carolyn B.

Quite frankly, Zoom has been a lifeline for me during these times! I am so grateful to be able to continue my practice this way. Sure, it was a bit strange in the beginning but now I realize how much more flexibility it affords me. I’ve been working from home since mid-March and it’s likely to continue that way through next year. Since I don’t have to drive anywhere to take my classes, I can practice in the morning (my preferred time). It’s only an hour. I block out the time on my calendar and it’s just like any other meeting.

Going back into the studio and having to wear a mask while practicing is not appealing to me and while there are a few more distractions being home, the benefits far outweigh those distractions. I would hope that once we do get back to being able to practice all together in the same room, Zoom classes will still be available for at least some of the time. There would be almost no reason to miss a class. No matter where you are, if you have internet access, a Zoom yoga class isn’t far away!

To sum it up, Zoom yoga classes offer so much more flexibility and the ability to take many more classes than I would normally take. I love it!

Gail B.

I can’t say enough good about YC ZOOM. Particularly when it first started and our weather was so crummy! It was without a doubt the highlight of my day. To see familiar faces and hear each other’s voices is very comforting to me. I’ve had a little medical leave for four weeks but can’t wait to get back on my mat and ZOOM with all my yogis!!❤️

Roni E.

I want to start by thanking you for zooming classes from the bottom of my heart. Yoga has continued to be a mainstay in my daily life because of zoom. At first, it was “odd” to say the least but we do adapt even if slowly. I have grown to enjoy my space for yoga in the house and have learned to listen much better to what my body is asking for and needs (yay). As for the’s nice to chat in the beginning before class starts (something from the past brought into our strange present). The teachers have also adapted by increasing the number of cues and More clearly articulating each pose which I have personally found very helpful so I do not have to focus on the “small” iPad screen. It’s also helped me to focus more inwardly. Practicing in the privacy of my home has given me “permission” to adapt more readily And modify to my needs.

I also must admit it’s nice to “roll out if bed” at your fingertips!!

Robert G.

Although the studio is closed temporarily due to COVID-19 the Zoom and Tarrywile Park classes still retain and offer the core of Yoga Culture. Friendly and welcoming to all levels of students even beginners. The Yoga Culture community is still there and students can still find the benefits they are looking for from yoga.

Susan H.

I like the variety of classes. Each teacher has their own style and they are all easy to talk to and no question feels dumb. The studio space is very calming. Because of Yoga Culture, Yoga has become an important part of my life.

Margaret O.

Great teachers and I love the option to participate via Zoom.

Patricia M.

I love the outdoor yoga. I also like the different levels of classes available. Great people and great community. I have recommended your studio multiple times!

Kathy G.

The instructors are great and have been adaptable throughout the pandemic with online instruction. I would love to see online instruction continue even when the studio opens. Personally I like the convenience of not having to drive to the studio and I’m also finding the instructors are much more detailed in the description of poses which I find very beneficial. I also like that they are actually doing the workout with you unlike in the studio - so you see exactly how the pose is to look. A++

Wendy B.

Throughout the Covid crisis Yoga Culture has maintained a high level of professionalism with steady communication to its clients and provided the opportunity for clients to continue practicing yoga without a hitch via online classes.

Rich S.

I love the personalized attention by the instructors and the front desk staff.

Michael D.

I feel a real sense of community and the frequency and variety of classes is great. I love all of the teachers I practice with and they go out of their way to make everyone feel a part of the class, even when we are Zooming. Thanks for being here for us.

Joan S.

Great instructors who I create a mind and body wellness practice. Instructors are genuine, helpful and caring. Love how all body parts are targeted. Always feel good after class.

Valerie B.

So knowledgeable, so supportive and caring throughout good and bad times. Yoga Culture for life! Love you all!

Laurie C.

The instructors are genuine and caring. I love the studio space but the Zoom classes are fantastic.

Dineen D.

I just love everyone there so nice and make it feel like home.

Jackie W.

First time I’ve used Zoom with Yoga Culture and I really enjoyed the session with Beth very much. I have not gone to yoga since March when the studio closed here so I was delighted when I realized that I could join my studio in Danbury. Almost as good as being there!

Karen T.

Teachers are all great. The studio has a friendly, non-judgemental vibe. Most important it feels professional and the teachers are knowledgeable. I have recommended to many already!

Jo-Ann R.

I like the different approaches the teachers have. It always keeps things interesting!

Christine F.

I loved the chair yoga class. It's easy for me to get back into yoga without it being too strenuous. Good class selection.

Maria B.

My two friends recommended the chair yoga class for me. I have knee issues making getting down to the floor difficult. This chair yoga was great for me. I enjoyed it very much. I also liked that is was offered via Zoom at no charge. Thank you!

Sandy C.

Great classes and instructors. Awesome that the studio has adapted to zoom format during these times.

Barbara G.

You become a yoga family. Staff friendly and supportive. There are lots of classes to choose from.

Cathie D.

As a beginner (many years later and older), I liked the how the instructor explained every move and went slowly so I could catch up to her.

Helen O.

The studio yogis and students are like a family, so friendly. Studio is offering zoom classes during the pandemic and even offering free classes. they have a wide variety of offerings. the owner and staff are interested in the physical, mental and spiritual well being of all the students.

Gillian M.

There are a variety of classes to suit many levels of experience. I like that there are classes at many different times, making it easy for people to find a class at a convenient time for them.

Kathie K.

Folks at the front desk greet you by name. Instructors are warm, considerate and knowledgeable. You concentrate more on personal development and comfort as opposed to perfect style and technique.

Yun K.

Vibrant and joyful place to work on yourself with centered and balanced energy from the studio itself and of course, every single person who works there!! LOVE IT

Cate B.

I've always liked Yoga Culture. Although I moved out of the area, coming back for a class was like coming home.

Margaret H.

You have outstanding teachers, and I really like the way you do your scheduling. Classes are available at a variety of times but it's also possible to come to the same class every week if you like, with the same teacher.

Susan P.

Great classes, great teachers, friendly people.

Lisa P.

Everyone is always welcoming and caring from everyone at the desk to all of the teachers!

Molly H.

There is a great variety of classes and a flexible schedule, and every staff member is fantastic.

Maureen Q.

The teacher was welcoming and easy to follow. Loved the class!

Teryl T.

The teachers are great! And everyone is really nice. I like the class times.

Robin G.

Love Yoga Culture. Comfortable, welcoming studio with awesome instructors.

Claire F.

The classes are amazing... I love that there are levels for everyone because attending an all-levels class can sometimes be disappointing for someone looking for a tougher class. The classes are also very affordable compared to other studios, especially if you purchase a package. And buying ahead also gives you more motivation to attend more often.

Carolyn B.

Yoga Culture is not just a space to do yoga, it is a community, a place where I can just be. As we go about our lives, we are met with constant negativity, judgment and a whole lot of "shoulda, woulda, coulda". Yoga Culture is the antidote. So, what do I like about Yoga Culture's services, well, that's simple...everything!

Marianne D.

Best classes! The teachers are extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Robert G.

Yoga Culture is very low key and accepting but also very organized. A really nice looking comfortable place. A lot of regular classes covering first timers to very experienced students and many special classes. All the teachers are very nice and helpful.

Judy C.

Great teachers, welcoming environment.

Elissa M.

I love everything about the studio: the set-up, the instructors. Love it all!

Alexsandra S.

The sense of inclusion + warm energy!

Suzanne M.

Friendly and supportive environment. Monthly donations to the community.

Mary R.

Everything! Everyone is wonderful.

Heather M.

I appreciate and admire all the work that the studio puts into giving back to the community that we are able to contribute as members. The staff is professional, diversified and I love being a member.

Barbara M.

Welcoming, clean, very thorough instruction. Warm community.

Jane G.

The instructors are great. The facility is warm and inviting. The staff is friendly.

Jennifer M.

So many schedule options and offerings. A very welcoming atmosphere for any age, any skill level - no pretensions, whatsoever!

Valerie B.

Everyone is friendly, instructors are excellent, the studio is clean.

Carroll B.

Everyone is very nice and they let you develop at your own pace. You see the results.

Joan S.

Great instruction. Teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. Learn something form all the teachers. The friendly atmosphere overall. Workshops. Great location.

Debra S.

The instructors are amazing and the classes/workshops fill both my physical and mental needs. I've tried other studios and this one feels like home. Thank you :)

Anita F.

I love the variety of classes, the warmth and inclusiveness of everyone and the sense of community.

Julie G.

Knowledgeable and caring instructors, warm and welcoming energy, accessibility for all levels.No matter how new the student is to yoga or how challenged a student wants to be, they will always be safe because of the well-trained instructors and well-sequenced classes. I treasure the caring community that is Yoga Culture...

Benae P.

The teachers are very prepared and they instruct well .

Laurie C.

I thought the studio’s vibe was lovely, and the staff very welcoming. The teacher of the class was terrific. The studio was clean and bright thanks to the windows which make the room really nice.

Kathleen T.

Very welcoming and professional staff. Excellent yoga flow.

Barbara R.

Teachers are pleasant and helpful.

Susan R.

Kind teachers in a loving environment.

Jo-Ann R.

The variety of classes and instructors. Also, the time of the classes is great.

Robin W.

Great teachers. Welcoming atmosphere. Excellent class cost!

Roni E.

Devoted staff. Variety of classes. Great community.

Lori A.

Great teachers and warm community!

Mariana K.

It’s a welcoming environment! Every teacher has her/his unique style.

Karen I.

I love the availability of evening classes and the nice variety of levels.

Deb N.

The warm inviting environment, the non-judgmental atmosphere, and the reasonable fees to name a few reasons why I love YC!!

Kim M.

Everyone is super friendly. I enjoy learning about proper alignment while using props.

JeriAnn S.

I like that there is a variety of classes for all levels and yet still a consistency and structure to them. I also like the 'special' offerings, like Yoga Nidra, and semi-private lessons.

Gillian M.

There was an atmosphere that made me feel very comfortable. I had previously been going to the "Y" for yoga. Their classes were good but very crowded and therefore impersonal. I very much like the relatively small classes at Yoga Culture and feel that is what I need.

Penny Z.

Informed teachers, careful sequencing with modifications, inquisitive and kind community of students and affordable rates. What's not to like? Thank you!!

Teresa R.

I brag all the time to friends about how professional the studio is run. Never ever has an instructor been late to class or a no show. Amazing actually. The extra classes that you always seem to have are a definite plus for your studio because no other in the area seems to do that.

I have learned so much from your studio and after all these years with you I’m still learning. In fact I am noticing a change in myself and that is to be calmer, kinder and just a better person. It takes time to reach and achieve this way of life but I am definitely happier with my love for yoga. So I thank you and will spread a positive word in your direction. Bravo to you all. Jen I look for your weekly blog. What insight !

Stephanie S.

I've only been into Y.C. twice, but I haven't met anyone who is not welcoming and friendly and seeking to promote everyone's physical, mental and emotional health.

Shweta N.

Had an amazing time. It was a blissful experience. And all the instructors are really good.

Lynn L.

I've been to a number of yoga studios over the years, and none compare to Yoga Culture. Excellent staff, excellent practices, convenient times for all, and friendly yogis to share my practice with.

Ann N.

I recommend Yoga Culture to everyone who asks if I know a good yoga studio! One of the best things about Yoga Culture is the focus on really teaching people yoga and making clients feel comfortable and successful in their practice. An added bonus is the consistency of the teaching across all levels.

Thank you for what you do and who you are!

Grace A.

So relaxed and welcoming!

Roberta M.

The staff are amazing ! I love the classes and the place is very clean and cozy.

Sharon N.

I love the yoga culture that you have created for us yogis!

Victoria P.

The instructors are knowledgeable and all so friendly.

Donna K.

Enjoy all the classes everything’s easy quick simple convenient and everyone is so nice.

Peter R.

I recently signed up for the one month plan, and I’m really enjoying it thus far. It has been a few years since I’ve done any yoga classes. I took a level 2 class yesterday, and the instructor was excellent! I really like how she was conscientious about the different levels of experience in the class, and instructed and explained movements and positions in a clear and concise manner. I have some lower back issues, and these classes have helped me a lot.

Lucy C.

The teachers are amazing - they are friendly and truly care about people!

Jillian C.

I love the community Yoga Culture has created. It’s down to earth, fun and creative! Yoga Culture is my favorite place in the world to practice yoga.

Puja M.

Classes are great. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. There are so many classes available throughout the day which is great for someone who is busy!

Donna S.

I like that the teachers walk around and provide guidance and instruction. This is important to me because I am still so new to yoga.

Carmen C.

Variety of instruction. All the teachers bring their uniqueness to the practice. I learn from each one of them.

Susan B.

I was recommended to Yoga Culture by a work colleague and decided to give it a try. As the years have gone by I have gotten more and more stiff and uncomfortable. Just one class and I can already feel the difference! Have already signed up for a couple more classes.

Theresa B.

I like the venue, the location, the music, but most of all the way yoga is practiced. The teachers are thoughtful and supportive.

Susan P.

The teachers are great and everyone is very welcoming and friendly.