Yoga: A Lifelong Adventure

Yogis are adventurous. I love that about them. It takes a sense of adventure to launch a yoga practice in the first place. Do you remember walking into a yoga studio for the first time, not knowing what was going on behind those walls (will there be a tribe of bendy people surrounding tight little me)? As intimidating as it was, you took off your shoes and rolled out your mat and let the teacher lead you on the journey. At that point, each pose may have been an adventure. As time goes on, you learn the poses, you learn how the classes are composed and you can anticipate what's to come. Keep your fire for your yoga and for your life burning by continuing the adventure.

As you attempt to stay devoted to the practice, challenging yourself is key. This could mean challenging yourself physically - trying the next level of class or a workshop that sounds interesting. Or it could mean challenging your mind in restorative class, meditation or simply taking class with a new teacher to experience someone else's take on asana. It could be reading books on the philosophy of yoga. The list goes on - if you let your curiosity guide you, you'll find something that sparks that fire and leads you down the road less taken to worlds unknown.

As happens so often with yoga, this habit will most likely translate into your off-mat life. Imagine staying devoted to living life the way you would to the yoga practice, insisting that you challenge yourself to switch things up once in awhile with your curiosity leading you, reaching into every corner to explore the places unknown. Oh what a life that would be. Yoga is here to make us aware. We try new poses, explore actions and feel sensations. Oftentimes this is scary, but on we forge. For we are the adventurous yogis. If it's time for a new adventure, then...into the great wide open...