Thankful for Our YC Sangha

More than a studio, our Yoga Culture is a sangha, or community of individuals coming together in a commitment toward awareness. My home practice gets me in touch with myself, with how I’m feeling on a given day. It gives me a chance to work on any injuries and be specific in areas where I want to increase my mobility and strength. It helps me process my feelings around relationships and insecurities around, well, everything. My practice with fellow yogis gives me connection. I’m part of a sangha. I’m able to share my yoga life and my ups and downs of regular life. I get to listen and learn. I get to connect with others through sharing information, through conversation, even through breathing in unison. It’s a unique experience and one I am eternally grateful for. A good life includes support and challenge. My sangha brings me both.

My wish for you this Thanksgiving is that you allow yourself to be supported by your sangha. Let it encourage you to keep practicing, to keep tackling the large issues of life with compassion and love. Sangha is a means to overcome loneliness, divisiveness, habits, lack of commitment and repetitive cycles. It’s a place to find encouragement, support, a lifeline, and practice buddies. Relying on your friends will help you through and elevate you, like Underdog, to the soaring creature you are.