Sway Like a Willow in the Breeze

On September 25, 2010, Yoga Culture held our grand opening. Nine years later, we’re continuing to bloom and grow. One of the symbols of a ninth anniversary is the willow tree. This tree is an apropos symbol for us. It represents the strength and flexibility we’ve built over the last 9 years. The willow tree’s branches twist and bend while maintaining strength and resisting breakage. This makes the tree resilient to changes in its environment and keeps it standing through stormy weather.

The tree is also representative of a yogi. In the physical and non-physical sense, we strive to be at once strong and flexible. We know through our practice that those qualities make us resilient and free us from suffering. Yoga Culture’s community of staff and students support each other through injuries, illness, milestones and celebrations. We are flexible, using props and modifications to make the practice more accessible to us. We are strong as we advance through the class levels and try out new workshops and classes. We seek and send out peace as we meditate and restore. We are works in progress as we grow and adjust.

As we never know what the weather will bring, we don’t know what to expect as we grow on. One thing we can count on is that there will be change. And so we’ll zig and zag, on our mats and all the places we’ll go, twisting and bending around obstacles, adjusting and modifying as needed, as we continue to head toward the sun. As it has been since we were a small sapling, we’ll do it together.