Corporate & Private Mindfulness Programs

Make the most of your time at home, or maximize the impact of those work-related video conferences. We have made-to-order private and personalized yoga and mindfulness experiences for just you or groups of 100+. Let us help you or your employees de-stress, relieve mental and physical tension and calm the mind. Even a short yoga or meditation session can increase focus and creativity. Centering and breath-work techniques learned in these sessions carry over to the lunch room, board room, classroom and meeting room.

Corporate Meeting Mindfulness - 10 Minute Lead-in or Close-out - $65

Add mindfulness to the workday. A teacher will start or end your meeting with a meditation, breathing exercises, and centering language to focus the mind and encourage compassion and understanding, all with the goal of being present. Unlimited attendees on your software.

Private Small Group Yoga - 45 minutes - $100

Learn our signature style, combining alignment-focused intuitive movement linked with breath. Tailored to your group's level of experience, or we can offer variations and modifications for multiple levels. Up to 6 attendees.

Private Large Group Yoga - 60 minutes - $250

Same as above with up to 20 attendees.

Private Absolute Beginner Individual - 45 minutes - $65

Stressed about trying yoga at a studio? This lesson introduces you to the poses in the discreet comfort of your home. Ask questions and get feedback from the teacher You let us know your interests, past injuries/afflictions, and goals. We’ll start you on the right track.

Private Absolute Beginner Small Group - 60 minutes - $100

Try yoga with your friends! Learn the introductory principles and poses of the practice in a fun and easygoing environment with a friendly, accepting teacher. Up to 6 attendees.

Corporate Absolute Beginner Yoga - 60 minutes - $ 250

We’ll introduce you to the practice of yoga and its philosophy of non-harm. Increase awareness in your work staff while allowing them the space to de-stress and breathe. Unlimited attendees on your software.

Corporate Yoga Break - 15 minutes - $75

Do a little stretching to break up your day. This 15-minute session focuses on loosening tight hips, shoulders, and upper back, releasing strain and tension in the areas that shut down when sitting at a computer for long periods of time. Unlimited attendees on your software.

Manufacturing Yoga Break - 10 minutes - $65

Big stretch, big breath. Counter the tightness created by repetitive work, releasing soreness and taking breath deep into the body. Energizing and calming, this is perfect for those on manufacturing lines, healthcare workers, and anyone else who works on their feet all day. Unlimited attendees on your software.