I’m a beginner . . . what do I do?

We recommend getting this great new student special: 30 days for $39. Once you do that, come to as many classes as you like for a month. Start with Basics and Level 1 classes. Basics classes get you stretching, strengthening, balancing and aligning. Level 1 classes take you further into learning the yoga poses. Beginners should attend both throughout their first month. Please ask your teacher if you’re unsure about trying out the next level. Our Yoga Advisors are here to answer any questions: call or email us and let us know a good time to call you to discuss your yoga. So go ahead - take your next step: 30 days for $39. Still unsure? Contact Us!

I’m new to yoga. What should I expect?

Congrats! You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. You are about to increase awareness and become more you. Please be compassionate with yourself as you stumble through. Think of all the times you took first steps - literally, in school, in work, in relationships. Did you get it all right the first time? Should you beat yourself up about that? This is your chance to stumble with a smile and a laugh and understanding. Even advanced yogis are in the midst of the learning process. Bring an open mind. Fun is better than perfect (and what is this “perfect” anyway?).

How often should I practice yoga?

We suggest practicing 3 times/week, more if you like. It’s good to let your body and mind revisit this work enough that it isn’t such a shock every time you get down on the floor. Even if you stretch at home as one of your 3 times/week, you are tapping into your awareness on a more frequent basis. If you’re coming to yoga with an inflexible body, you will see better results the more times you stretch and the less you attack the work. If you’re coming to yoga with a weak body, you’ll need to reinforce your work and simply do more of it to get stronger.

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that allows you to move freely, but that is not so baggy that it'll be in your way. Think of standing on your feet and folding forward, reaching towards touching your toes - will your shirt slip over your head? You are welcome to wear shorts, sweat pants or yoga pants. For men, if you like to wear shorts, wear ones that aren't too loose. Some guys wear under armour shorts underneath basketball shorts. Bring a sweater or long sleeve shirt in case you get cold at the beginning or end of class.

Bare feet?

Barefoot is the traditional way to practice. Socks are too slippery. If you want to wear socks, use ones that have a grippy bottom. We sell ToeSox at the studio if you would like to purchase them here.

What should I bring?

You. And a mat. And some water, if you like. Some people like to bring a towel as well - it really depends on how much you sweat. You can buy a yoga mat here or we rent them for $1. We sell water, too. Blankets, blocks and all other props are provided for use in the studio

What if I need to change?

We have a changing area! We have a bathroom! We do not have showers.

Where will I put my stuff?

We have cubbies in the studio for your stuff. You should turn off your cell phone, else you be the one distracted as it buzzes away in your cubby.

Can I eat before class?

It is best to practice on an empty stomach. Try to refrain from eating for 1.5-2 hours before class. If you must have something, let it be small. We have animal crackers at the studio - you can grab a few before heading into class.

Should I wear a lot of patchouli?

No. Please leave strong scents or perfumes for the bars, where you might need them.

Is this hot yoga?

No. Our studio is climate controlled just like our homes. We are room-temp yogis.

What can I expect physically?

Balance. Which begins at awareness. If you need strength, you’ll search for strength. If you need flexibility, you’ll search for flexibility. And you will find it. And as you go you’ll find true balance - where balance is the waving of a tree, not the concrete nature of a stone. True balance comes in the physical body, in the mind and perhaps even in the spirit. And oh yes, you’ll breathe better.

What did you expect to read here? Weight loss? Yoga arms? Elasticity? Yeah, that’s all part of it. It is within balance that these things just sort of happen.

Read our page de-myth-ifying yoga for more...

What kind of yoga is offered at Yoga Culture?

We teach vinyasa yoga with alignment principles from Iyengar yoga. Vinyasa yoga moves on the breath - inhale do this, exhale do that. It involves Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations. This type of yoga is cardiovascular. In Iyengar yoga, poses are broken down with great detail in alignment. We use these alignment principles in our classes. In the end, that means a safe, sound practice with all the benefits that yoga has to offer.

What is the ultimate goal of yoga?