Hi Yogis,

The word drishti comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “gaze” or “view.” We think of it as describing the position and placement of our eyes during yoga practice. This is certainly part of it, but focusing our gaze can help focus attention, since our mind tends to follow our eyes.  So if our eyes wander over to the person on the mat in front of us or next to us, suddenly that’s what we're concentrating on.

Our gaze is also our vision in a larger sense: It pertains not just to what we see on the mat, but also what we see in the world as we move through it.

How and where we look guides us through life in a much larger sense, because our minds follow what our eyes do.

Off the Mat

Just as our minds follow our eyes on our mats, our lives become very much how we view the world when we’re off it. If our gaze, our focus is mainly on problems, then that’s what our mind will also settle on. But if our mind is focused on the positive, well then, that too is where we settle on.