Steadiness & Ease On & Off the Mat

Hey Yogis,
One of the things we learn through yoga is to move through our lives both on the mat & off with steadiness and ease.  You may have heard in class the phrase, sthira & sukha. 
According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, sthira & sukha is defined as a steady, comfortable posture. Cultivating steadiness and ease in each pose requires a combination of effort and release — effort to hold the pose and maintain a grounded foundation, and release in areas of the body available for relaxation in the pose.
Sthira and sukha can also describe the breath. With each inhale arises new energy that can be channeled into strength and steadiness. With each exhale release is possible. Tapping into these qualities of breath brings about an awareness of the breath that naturally embodies sthira and sukha.
So while practicing, with each breath try to inhale sthira-steadiness and exhale sukha-ease to transform your practice.
When off the mat...
Sthira steadies and clears the mind.  It can remind us to stay steady/strong to our Self no matter the situation or challenge we face.  Sukha puts us at ease, opens our hearts, and helps us let go.  Sukha reminds us to “go with the flow,” be at ease with an open mind no matter what the situation is. You know the phrase “stay calm and carry on.” That's sukha!