Use Your Technique

Hello Yogis,teachers_jenny


When we practice yoga poses, we work so hard to find the strength or flexibility required for that pose that we often forget to find balance in the pose.  We forget to engage the less obvious muscles or to place the body in a facilitative shape.  We can get caught up in thinking, "I'm not strong enough" or "flexible enough" for this pose. But when you do that, you're forgetting that there's such a thing as technique.  

Have you ever tried to do something on a regular basis, say lift a heavy bag of dog food out of the car, up 3 flights of stairs and into the kitchen?  And the first few times you think you'll never have an easy time of it.  But over time it becomes easier.  Sure, you may have developed some muscle, but you also developed technique for that particular task.  It's the same with the yoga poses.  At first it may seem you'll never get it.  But if you dedicate yourself to developing the strength and/or flexibility, plus study and work the technique of it, including engaging the less obvious muscles used in the pose, you'll get there.  You'll get there.


See you at the studio,