Gradual Change

photo 1_copy1Hello Yogis,


I explained to my daughter last week that flowers don’t bloom all at once. The process occurs so slowly that it’s hard to tell that it’s happening. I told her that they were actually opening right then as we were watching them. 


It’s the same with our yoga practice. Achieving the poses happens slowly. It’s not as if one day we don’t have a pose and the next day all of a sudden we do. It happens gradually. Each time we practice we’re actually making tiny amounts of progress, easing our way closer and closer to perfect alignment in a pose. You may not be able to monitor the progress until a good amount of time has passed and then you realize just how much deeper you’ve achieved a pose. So appreciate where you are today and where you’re headed.


Thank you for practicing with with me. I look forward to see you this weekend at Tarrywile or next week again at the studio.