What Can I Do?

Beth Little Dancer Natarajasana_copyHey Yogis,
In class I spoke about the workshop I attended with Elise Browning Miller who addressed students and teachers alike, many of whom have very severe scoliosis. This severe curvature of the spine caused them pain and in some cases even difficulty breathing. She spoke of using a yoga practice to improve their physical body and make themselves more comfortable. She gave modifications for every pose. She repeated a phase many times through out the training. She often told everyone "Don't let what you can't do stand in the way of what you can do". 
Wise words for everyone. No matter what challenges we face, no matter what our difficulties are, we can't let our fears and self limitations stand in our way. Rather than focus on the "I can't" look for the "I can" or at least the "I can try". You will probably surprise yourself. The next time you try a pose that may be new or you were unable to do in the past don't convince yourself you can't before you even try. Be brave and focus on what you can do. 
Don't forget the famous words written by the author Watty Piper, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can".
Take care,