Arm Balance Fears

Allison Sears TowerDear Yogi, I am interested in learning more about arm balances but I'm worried I don't have enough upper body strength to do them.  Are arm balances not for me?

Dear Arm Balance Doubter, If you have never done an arm balance before, it can be challenging to learn. If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you have probably built the strength required for arm balances. Now you need instruction and some personal attention.  Now, you don't just pop into arm balances and classify yourself as an arm balancer or a non-arm balancer.  These poses require work and effort.  We use props to help your body understand the shape of the arm balance without using an enormous amount of strength.  By working this way, you gradually create the strength and flexibility required to work into the full version of the pose.  Take baby arm balance steps.

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