You Should Love Your Feet

Tennis Ball FootRead this week's Dear Yogi, answered by Beth Perlman.

Dear Yogi,

Sometimes by the end of the day my feet just ache and all I want to do is run home and put my feet up. Could it be my super cute new shoes? My job has me on my feet all day and sometimes my feet want to cry by quitting time. Can practicing yoga help my feet?

Dear Sad Sore Soles,

Yoga can absolutely help your feet!  You could be onto something with those pretty shoes. Sadly, fashions can often put us in footwear we were not designed to wear much less spend a whole day in. However, after a tough day on your feet there are many self massage techniques that can soothe those sad feet. Strong feet are also happy feet. By stretching and strengthening our feet and ankles we can better prepare them to carry us around all day no matter what shoes we choose. Many of the poses we do in yoga are great foot and ankle strengtheners and others give us needed stretch. And we can’t forget about those toes! They might be little but they are mighty in our overall foot formula.

Everyone has their own unique feet as well so we need to work in the best interest of our own feet. Do you tend to roll in collapsing your arches? Are you spending your day standing like a ballerina with your feet turned out putting pressure on the outer heel? By examining our stance and walk we can best use our yoga practice to build stronger happier feet.