Get to Know Jessie

Jessie HeadshotWho are the teachers in your studio? Jessie answers 7 questions.

1. Why did you start yoga?

I first started Yoga as a compliment to my dance training, but because of a major injury it became an integral part of my life. Yoga helped me both physically and emotionally through a serious injury.

2. Was it love at first sight?

I wish I could say it was! When I first began a Yoga practice I found it difficult to really let myself experience-I was all consumed with trying to find the ‘workout’ or athleticism in the movement that I was missing the point! Once I was forced to slow down because of my injury I finally saw the beauty and power of yoga-of what yoga could be for me.

3. Who are your favorite teachers and why (yoga teachers and other teachers)?

I know it sounds corny, but I am constantly inspired by my peers! I love taking the classes of my fellow teachers and seeing their unique approaches to both teaching style and asana approach.  

4. What does “being a constant student” mean to you?

It means that there is no 'finish line’!  We are constantly evolving and changing….

5. What is your favorite pose?

I love pigeon (Kapotasana)!!! Especially when supported by props….

6. What is your favorite band?

Hmmmmmm……..Thats tough! But I have to say, I love Pearl Jam!!!!!!! 

7. What movie can you watch over and over again?

This one is easy….”When Harry Met Sally."